SHRI OM SAI BAL EVAM VRADH KALYAN SANSTHA  is a registered organization that is working in Agra as well as Mathura. For the last 6 years , for the empowerment of society especially focused on the old persons and children of under privileged community it has been registered on 3rd November 2012 under the society registration Act 1860 the sanstha is managed by Shri L.P Sahay (secretary) M.Sc. (Physics) in 1990 from Agra College Agra as well as President – chair person of the society.

The sanstha society is also registered in 12 AA of Income Tax Act , 1961 as well as under section  80(G)(5)(VI) of Income Tax Act , 1961.

The Sanstha in the past

Since its’ establishment, Shri Om Sai has been working for the upliftment of the social conditions of the poor and the neglected section of the society.

” It started with conducting what the professional term as “bridge course”. He also tells us, Sanstha in the past has got admissions done for 200 children to regular schools, through the bridge courses conducted by the institution, this way a dropout or new child is given another opportunity to continue his/her education not from where he/she left but from where he/she should have reached if he hadn’t discontinued, this is important because the children get discouraged easily, also their progress can’t be evaluated if the learning has not been happening with the same age group.

Sanstha has been so far, working with the children of the neglected section of the society. Although the achievement and progress of institution in working with the children is remarkable, the development is not holistic; the influence of the families on the children is strong, impacting on their progress in transformation. It is now realized that to achieve a holistic development it is important to involve the family in the journey of transformation and development. In the past developmental programmes that involve women of the underprivileged section of the society, it is observed that the women of our country need no less importance in comparison to children as they are as vulnerable to the social evils.

The Sanstha NOW!!

Sanstha is now counselling women to become self-reliant through group activities, forming Self Help Groups, initiating group activities,and group approach to solve problems. Basic concept behind it being that problems are commonly identified as an individual’s problem, unique in nature and therefore people rely on fate. These everyday problems; low income, big family, decreasing job opportunities and etc are not individual’s problem but social in nature, so it is made understood to people and when a problem is recognised as a social problem the approach to the problem posses good characteristics such like; Power, Confidence, Productiveness and Consistency and many such like.,

The Sanstha in future

Sanstha will motivate Self Help Groups through skill development initiative and entrepreneurship development programs to venture into the field of small scale entrepreneurs.

Demands for skill development programs like beautician, tailoring, craft making and such like are steadily increasing and training programmes for the same will be undertaken.

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